A Never Ending Journey To Keep You Unstoppable

Health is an advice and inspiration for the people who want to live well in every way. We encourage and educate people about good health and healthy products. Ausvita Health manufactures and distributes Australia’s finest brand of healthcare across the globe. It begins from the hive and we deliver it to you to keep you healthy.

Connecting people to nature and good health. Today AusVita Health continues that vision by researching and selecting sources of natural ingredients, carefully tending and harvesting them to preserve their purity. We are thrilled to be the trusted leader when it comes to Manuka Honey.

All Manuka Honey exported from Australia has to clear the strict requirements of the Australian Government to confirm it is genuine before it can be sold to our customers. AusVita is committed to deliver what is envisaged by our founding fathers and what is anticipated by customers to get genuine and healthy products.

Our Australian Manuka Honey

Our Australian Manuka Honey is harvested amongst immaculate Bushland to produce the finest quality of Manuka Honey. With strengths ranging from MGO 120+ through to 1250+, our Manuka assists with general & immune health, wounds, burns, infections, rashes, sexual health and much more.

  • The benefits of our Manuka are never ending just like the antibacterial properties found in each jar.
  • Our company focuses on quality & quantity. A brand you can truly trust for outstanding value!!!